Thursday, 29 June 2017

Facts About First Aid Courses In Memphis And All Over

For certain professionals such as people working in daycare facilities, in schools, in restaurants and airlines, fire fighters, sports coaches, gym instructors, parents and of course the medical professionals should definitely undergo first aid training for being well-prepared in order to face any airway or cardiac emergency involving someone else effectively. The most important of all the first aid training programs is a CPR program. CPR is the acronym for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation which comprises of a series of chest compressions and rescue breathings. The procedures were mainly devised by the renowned American Heart Association in order for everyone to help out and revive a cardiac arrest victim which can be anyone from a stranger to your loved ones. For a good amount of training in the resuscitation procedures it is important that you choose a certified training center where you can receive training in the hands of expert instructors. If you are a resident of the Memphis region then sign up for a CPR program at the AHA accredited CPR Memphis.

If you are a healthcare professional you can sign up for any one of the Basic Life Support Memphis certification, Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification or the PALS certification programs. The general public can go for any one of the HeartSaver CPR and the HeartSaver First Aid courses. At the end of a particular training program expect to be awarded with an AHA certification which can prove to be highly beneficial for you. Important facts about First Aid training programs are:

      For any first aid training program that you may choose, see to it that CPR is one of the topics in the program. Proper application of the Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation techniques can revive a cardiac arrest or heart attack victim by enabling proper circulation of oxygenated blood in the victim's body. Apart from CPR the other things that would be taught to you in a first aid program are treating conditions like shock, poisoning, wounds, etc.

      You can go for either a classroom training program or an online course. But see to it that the courses are conducted by renowned organizations. American Heart Association conducts such online programs where at the end of a course you would be eligible for a certification provided you pass out a skills test and a written exam. You would have to appear for a skills test in any of the AHA accredited CPR training sites because no resuscitation program is complete without a skills test.

         Make sure to go for timely renewal classes for extending the validity of your CPR provider cards because the certifications provided by the American Heart Association are only valid for 2 years.

          A first aid training program would enable you in treating if not fully but at least stabilizing the condition of a victim until the arrival of emergency medical services.

So make yourself well-equipped in the indispensable life-saving procedures and other first aid techniques and contribute towards people's safety around you. For more related information feel free to call us on 901-438-4200

Thursday, 22 June 2017

ACLS Renewal Course At The AHA Accredited CPR Memphis

For advanced healthcare professionals or for medical professionals who are BLS or Basic Life Support certified it is important that you move on to the advanced CPR courses to gain some advanced knowledge in the indispensable life-saving procedures. The CPR procedures which is the acronym for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation procedures which comprises of chest compressions and rescue breathings were mainly devised by the American Heart Association with the sole aim to control the number of cardiac death cases worldwide. Proper application of the procedures has contributed hugely towards the survival rates in victims all over which highlights the effectiveness of the procedures and the importance for everyone to learn them. It is all the more essential that healthcare professionals are well-trained in the techniques because in the profession that they are in they are most likely to encounter such cardiac emergency situations a lot many times than the others. Your training site should be a good and reputed one such as in Memphis you can go for the AHA accredited CPR Memphis for a training program. The courses are conducted by certified instructors and the classes are conducted in small batches. There are programs for both healthcare professionals and the general public. The course conducted for advanced healthcare professionals are:

ACLS Or Advanced Cardiac Life Support- Advanced healthcare professionals such as physicians, nurses, paramedics, physician assistants, etc or any BLS certified professional can take this course. At the end of the program expect to gain an AHA ACLS certification with a validity for 2 years. At the end of the program you would require to sit for a written exam and a skills test and pass them for becoming eligible for an AHA certification. The course fee is 297$.

ACLS Renewal Program- Like we have mentioned earlier that the certification which you will receive will be having a validity for 2 years which means after two years of your card being issued it would lose its validity unless you sign up for a renewal program and renew your certification. The course would be conducted in the same way like the main one with instructors training students in a fun and lively manner. The topics would include managing of airways, reading ECG and emergency pharmacology. At the end of the program you would have to again go through both the exams and pass them to receive your certification. The course fee is 199$. The CPR Memphis ACLS Package includes 2 year ACLS provider card immediately after the class, Automated Reminder System which involves a reminder from our end to you so that you can go for the timely renewal program and re-certify yourself, housing of certification record with AHA, AHA certified ACLS written and skills test, course registration fee, ACLS course site and equipment fee and AHA instructor fee.

So enroll for an ACLS program today and move up the ladder of your profession by being ACLS certified. For more related information or for registration purposes feel free to get in touch with us which you can do by calling us on 901-438-4200.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

The Best CPR Course For Healthcare Professionals- Basic Life Support

Healthcare professionals being in the profession that they are in should definitely have knowledge in the essential life-saving Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation procedures which are the life-saving techniques which can save the life of cardiac arrest victims. The procedures can come for use for anyone, from a normal lay person to a healthcare professional which highlights the importance of training in the procedures for all individuals. For training always select a certified training center such as if you are looking for one in the Memphis region then get yourself enrolled for a CPR course at the AHA accredited CPR Memphis. There are various types of CPR courses that are there but always go through the syllabus of the courses prior to enrolling for a course which can prove to be highly beneficial for you.

Courses For Healthcare Professionals- It is very much important for healthcare professionals to be well-trained in the life-saving procedures specially the CPR techniques because they are most likely to be facing cardiac emergency scenarios compared to other people from other professional backgrounds and people would also expect the best form of treatment from them which means they cannot be in a fix and put the life of the victim on their hand in danger during an emergency scenario. If it is your first time that you are just starting out to learning the procedures go for the Basic Life Support or the BLS course. At the end of the course you can expect to get an AHA BLS certification Memphis. If you are already BLS certified or are an advanced professional then you can opt from either of the Pediatric Advanced Life Support or PALS or the Advanced CardiacLife Support or the ACLS course.

Friday, 21 April 2017

CPR Courses Are Of Various Types- Read On To Know More

Learning any type of first-aid technique can come for your use in sailing through various emergency scenarios such as cardiac ones and airway emergencies involving someone else which may include near-choking situations, near-drowning situations, etc. All these things boils down to the fact that equipping yourself in the life-saving techniques can enable you in saving someone's life. You can contribute a lot towards society in the form of serving the mankind by getting to being of help to someone involved in near-death, emergency situations. The best first-aid technique that you can learn are the Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation procedures and the process of defibrillation which can come for your use in stabilizing the condition of a cardiac arrest victim. If you are thinking of learning the life-saving techniques then it is the best decision that you can take for yourself. But you cannot be flippant about these things by which I mean you should enroll yourself for CPR courses in good training sites such as the accredited ones and if you are looking for one such site in Memphis then you can enroll yourself for a course at CPR Memphis which is an AHA certified training site. There are courses for professionals as well as lay people so read on to know more about the types of courses:

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Looking For A Basic Course For Treating Cardiac Arrest Victims- Go For The BLS Course

Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest cases is on an all-time high with many people losing their lives due to lack of proper treatment in the hands of people surrounding a particular victim. On the streets or on the roads when such cardiac arrest cases occurs chances of the presence of any healthcare provider is quite unlikely, it is only the general public or the by-standers who is most likely to be present during such scenarios. Most by-standers are quite unaware about how to deal with such situations and most of the time they start to panic when they come across a victim. So finding no way of dealing with such situations they leave the victim for him or her to die. So regardless of your background you should be trained to deal with any such situations efficiently. At the end of it all you would feel proud about saving the life of someone. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation life-saving courses are the courses that you should be going for. Various types of CPR courses are there but to begin with the best course that healthcare professionals can go for is the "BLS CPR for Healthcare Provider" course and for the general public the best course is "HeartSaver CPR" course. An accredited training site is what you should look for for your training and if you are based in Memphis the best training site that you can go for is CPR Memphis which is an AHA accredited training site. At the end of the course you would also receive an AHA BLS certification Memphis and an AHA HeartSaver CPR certification respectively.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Advanced Cardiac Life Support Courses For Healthcare Professionals

It is always expected of a healthcare professional starting from doctors, paramedics to nurses, surgeons to be skilled in most life-saving procedures. That is why healthcare providers make sure to train in each and every life-saving technique to be able to deal with all kinds of emergencies successfully. Cardiac arrest death cases are on an all-time high which makes it important for every healthcare provider to be well-trained in the indispensable cardiopulmonary resuscitation procedures, proper administration of which can save the life of a cardiac arrest struck victim. Most medical professionals are aware about it which has also led to the popularity of these classes among them. There are mainly three types of CPR courses: the Basic Life Support course, the Advanced Cardiac Life Support course and the Pediatric Advanced Life Support course. Each course is different from one another so you should definitely go through the course details and then should enroll for a course. If you are a first-timer that you are thinking about learning the procedures then you should go for the BLS course. Being a healthcare provider if you are already BLS certified then you should go for Advanced Cardiac Life Support course. Make sure your training center is AHA certified. If you are in Memphis then you can enroll for a course at the AHA accredited CPR Memphis where after the completion of a course you would receive an AHA certification. Today our discussion will specifically revolve around the Advanced Cardiac Life Support courses.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Significance Of CPR Training For Workplace Employees

Training in the cardiopulmonary resuscitation procedures is very much important for each and every individual to be able to deal with any kind of cardiac emergency successfully. Not only healthcare professionals but also others who are not from the medical field should also go for the CPR courses. If you are a business owner or someone who is running a company with hundreds of people working under you you should make sure to arrange for the life-saving CPR classes for your employees which will not only train them in the life-saving procedures but also will ensure safety at the workplace. Certain accidents or cardiac arrests for that matter can befall anyone and that also without any prior notice so it is important that all your employees are skilled in the life-saving techniques so that they are able to help out each other during crucial circumstances.