Thursday, 27 November 2014

How Can You Help People Survive from Sudden Cardiac Arrest?

Your loved one has suddenly fallen victim of cardiac arrest in front of you. In such a shocking situation, it is natural that you are puzzled and your thought is frozen. Within a few minutes when you come to your senses, you rush to the telephone and dial 911 to call for emergency medical service at your home. You also call a doctor in your locality if phone number is available. Now after 20-30 minutes when any of the medical help arrives, it cannot be assured that your loved one is still alive! This may be true because if his or her heart fails and is not breathing then the brain cells will not get oxygen and no blood circulation will reach there. As a result, brain damage will start within 4-5 minutes of the pause in natural breathing.

Things could be totally different if you had the knowledge and practical skills of performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation. You could have started CPR method within a minute or two after you call at the emergency number. By doing several chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth air passing to the person, the chance of survival gets increased. But this process must be continued till any further advanced medical assistance can be started. If you have any automatic electronic defibrillator (AED) device at your place then you may also use it if you feel it necessary.

American Heart Association (AHA) has declared that heart diseases are the most aggressive and silent killer of most of the Americans. While the body is trying to spread awareness among people to lead a healthy life, it has also empowered many institutions all over the country to train people in CPR uses. Use of this first aid technique will ensure safety of people at home and public places as well. The motto of AHA is to train at least one person in a family so that families are safe from heart ailments at home.

Now it is your turn to educate yourself about several first aid techniques to help your loved ones in danger. Once you learn, you must share your experience with others so that more people can learn the techniques of performing life saving activities as and when required. Those who are professionals can increase their employee value by pursuing CPR classes. People in Memphis can get certification from AHA authorized CPR training institutes. CPR classes here are conducted in a cozy atmosphere by well experienced doctors in a very friendly manner. They will answer to all of your questions regarding providing first aid to people from sudden cardiac arrest, respiration trouble, and choking that might stop the natural breathing process. The sole purpose of applying CPR work to the patient is to press the lungs in such a manner that oxygen and blood get supplied to brain cells which otherwise can start getting damaged within 4-5 minutes if untreated. You have to continue performing CPR process till any advanced life saving support reaches the spot and start treatment. Spreading the awareness and increasing more number of CPR known people is the best possible and simplest way of living and letting other live together with safety and care.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

ACLS Certification Memphis Can Make You A Life-Saver

Are you among those good Samaritans, who want to join a healthcare center to help people in need? You want to nurse the wounded and cure the patients, who come to hospital with different medical conditions? Well, if you have the desire of becoming a doctor, you need to prepare yourself accordingly and enroll for the courses that you need to study. However, if you do not want to become a doctor and just want to heal people as a nurse, your path is a bit easy. There is no need to appear for different hard-to-crack medical examinations. Yet, you need to have some healthcare training to be eligible for a job in this field. To work as a nurse or a paramedic, you need to complete ACLS course. Do not get a wrong notion because doctors in practice can also take benefits of pursuing ACLS training programs.

You may like to know that nurses are the ones, who provide the maximum care to the patients, when they are admitted to any hospital. Whether it is drawing blood for different tests, it is injecting different doses, or administering the condition of patients, nurses have to take care of every single thing. Not just that, they also have the responsibility to ensure that every patient is comfortable under their care. If the patient shows any signs of emergency, the nurses have to recognize the situation and take the first step. It is the duty of the nurse to ensure the stability of the patient till the doctor arrives. Therefore, if the nurse is not familiar with the techniques of handling the basic emergencies, it will not be possible for her to save a life.

If you want to become a nurse, it is important for you to know about the nation’s health. Several surveys conducted every year clearly indicate stroke and heart attack to be the major causes of death in the United States. So, it is important for you to know, how to handle such situations and take an action without any delay. To be prepared for such an emergency, you need to appear for ACLS or Advanced Cardiac Life Support training. There are several healthcare centers and training institutes in Nashville, which offer certification for ACLS and you can join any of them to complete the training successfully. Yet, when you enroll for the course, you need to ensure that it is according to the guidelines of the American Heart Association. The courses, which do not follow the guidelines of the AHA are not considered to be valid in the United States. Hence, it would be a waste of your time as well as money.

Joining an ACLS class in Memphis is not something tough. Yet, joining the course does not guarantee you success. If you want to become successful, you need to follow the guidance of your instructor carefully. Not just that, you would also have to read the texts as well as the manuals of AHA. Remembering the medicines as well as the diagnosis for the common problems that patients may experience in the hospital is also important.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

CPR Class Memphis Can Increase Your Job Scope

It is rightly said that health is wealth. If you are healthy and active, you can surely make progress in your career. However, remaining in the best of health is not all that you require. To ensure that the staffs can respond to a medical emergency at the soonest, nowadays, most of the companies prefer to hire staffs, who know how to deal with medical emergencies. Therefore, it has now become important for almost everyone to get CPR training before he or she start his or her job hunt. Even if you are not interested to work in the medical field, it is important for you to get the training from a reputed center in your city. By gaining the knowledge of this course, you will not only be able to increase your job opportunity but also you would be able to save the life of an individual even at home. Yet, before you enroll for the course, it is always recommended to collect some knowledge of the course.

What is CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation?

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR is a program designed by the American Heart Association to help people deal with medical emergencies caused due to stroke or cardiac arrest. It is generally comprised of two different techniques, viz. artificial breathing, and chest compression. The techniques are used one by one to ensure the flow of oxygen and blood in the entire body. Yet, the techniques are to be applied only when there is need of it. During the tenure of the course, instructors would guide you about how to apply the techniques and how to assess the situation. Once the training is complete, you would have to appear for a test. After you complete the test, you would be provided with the certificate for the course, which you need to show to prove your eligibility as a caregiver.

How to get the training?

Getting CPR training in Memphis is not at all a big deal these days. Owing to the increasing demand of the training, nowadays, several training institutes have come up in different parts of the city. You just need to search for the class that is convenient for you and enroll yourself. Yet, before you enroll for the course, you need to ensure that the institute is registered for offering such courses and follows the guidelines of the AHA. There are several centers, which now offer crash courses. Do not go for them, as these would be wastage of your time and effort.

Though CPR techniques are mostly required to deal with emergencies of adults and elderly people, yet it is also required for the children as well. Even though they do not possess the threat of cardiac arrest or stroke, they have a high risk of getting choked. Therefore, if you have child or a baby at home, it is important for you to learn CPR to ensure the safety of the child. Also make sure to renew your CPR certificate on time or else you would not be able to continue your work as a caregiver.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Why Should You Attend a BLS Class Memphis?

You can get a CPR certificate by attending an American Association certified first aid training courses to solve emergency cardiac issues. A basic life support program provides information and knowledge on the risks associated with cardiac or respiratory arrest. A basic life support program may also include a range of other topics like stroke, unconsciousness, first aid and also using automatic external defibrillator.


There is actually little denying the fact that BLS certification in Memphis is essential for everybody and even people who are already trained should opt for recertification after every two years for updating with new equipments and techniques. If you are already a healthcare professional then you should be undergoing an ACLS or Advanced Cardiac Life Support training that will teach you using various breathing devices on an advanced level. This is necessary to help people in emergency cardiac problem. CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation classes will teach you the skills for required for chest compressions, ventilation and also the techniques required for a choking victim.

Some Eligibility Criteria

There are different CPR classes for different age groups of people. In order to successfully complete a certification program, candidates are required to qualify in a written exam and are also required to perform the skills with perfection those have been taught during the program. After successfully qualifying both the tests you will be provided with the certification but it will be valid for a period of two years only and after that renewal of the certification is required.

For whom the CPR is Taught

Though people from all spheres of life are encouraged to attend cardiac first aid classes for in a moment of requirement anybody might be required an expert’s hand. It is not only the healthcare professionals but also therapists, trainers and firefighters and other professionals too should have a basic minimum life support training. Similar to BLS classes, both healthcare professionals and lay men are eligible for attending a CPR class and these classes are also designed for serving different age groups like infants, children and adults. This also makes properly following the instructor all the more important as the skills that you will be taught will also be different.

Learn the basic CPR techinques

Healthcare professionals who are most of the time expected to take care of adults in a moment of crisis need to seek for BLS certification in Memphis at an advanced level and should also have the knowledge and expertise of handling advanced medical equipments and techniques. For common people, learning the basic techniques and having some basic information may be considered as enough for helping an individual in case of an emergency or accidental situation.

Only Live Training Can Make You Experienced

But it is not at all encouraging that in spite of the development and wide spreading of information and telecommunication technology there are still many people who are not aware of cardiac first aid training or are afraid of performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The techniques those are taught in basic life certification classes are no doubt extremely essential for cardiac arrest victims. It will actually prove to be life saving most of the time. But you will be able to use them only if you are properly trained and have certification in heart related emergency first aid course.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

CPR Safety: The 3 Best Barrier Devices

  • pocket masks
  • key chain masks
  • bag valve mask

Nowadays, more and more people are getting interested for CPR courses and BLS courses, so that they can help their near ones at the time of emergency. Earlier only the professionals associated with the healthcare field used to take these trainings. However, nowadays, nonprofessionals, including homemakers and even students are opting for these courses. If you are also interested to get the training, you are always recommended to know about the kits that are used for applying the training. Though different kits are used for this type of works, masks are very important. Generally, there are three barrier devices for this work, viz. pocket mask, key chain mask and bag valve mask.

  • Pocket Mask- Also known as pocket facemask as well as CPR mask, this device is a popular choice of the professionals while delivering rescue breathe to someone, who has experienced cardiac arrest. These can also be used by the non-professionals too for the same job. Yet, they will have to understand the operations as well as the usage of the mask properly. As the name indicates, this mask can be easily carried in the pocket and can be used at any time needed. Though the mask is easy to use, it cannot be operated without a trained rescuer. So, it is always recommended to get CPR certification Memphis before trying to use the device.

  • Keychain Mask- Another device that is gaining popularity in the recent days is the keychain mask. This device is also used by the trained individuals and can be easily carried to different places for its small size. The device generally comes with a pouch, which hooks from the ears of the caregiver while providing the rescue breathe to any patient. Owing to the increasing popularity of these masks, one can now easily find these on different stores.

  • Bag Valve Mask- Also known as BVM, and sometimes Ambu bag or self-inflated bag is an easy to use hand-held device that is applied to provide positive pressure ventilation to patients, who have experienced breathing problems all of a sudden. This bag is equally effective for people, who have completely stopped breathing or is experiencing severe difficulty. This device is used in the hospitals or health care centers as well as outside the hospital by trained people. Though the methods of operation are described on the package, it is better to get complete training of CPR or BLS before you use the device.

There are several reputed institutes, which offer BLS certification Memphis. You can join any of these institutions to get the complete training related to the strategies or devices that are used for saving someone’s life during a critical emergency situation. CPR courses only guides about the techniques or devices used for offering life support during an emergency. It does not provide information of any medicines used for the work. Therefore, anyone can enroll for the course at ease. Yet, before enrolling for the course, make sure to check whether the institute selected by you is accredited by AHA. 

Thursday, 24 July 2014

5 Signs of High Blood Pressure

The United States of America has made some remarkable progress in the healthcare field in the recent days. Yet, it is still trying hard to reduce the number of deaths caused due to cardiac arrest. Stroke, chest pain, cardiac arrest are some common problems experienced by people, irrespective of their physical built or their social and financial status. Reports indicate that high blood pressure, which in medical terminology is referred as hypertension is a major cause of cardiac problems of people in the United States. The figures and statistics indicate that approximately seventy-two million people have hypertension related problems in the country. Something that is even more alarming is that most of the people are unaware of the condition and consults doctor at a very critical stage.

It is true that at times, it is very difficult for someone to understand the signs of hypertension. However, if you are a little careful and observe the following symptoms, you will surely be able to understand the signs of high blood pressure. To protect yourself and your near ones, you can join any basiclife support Memphis course. The instructors here will keep you updated with the five signs of high blood pressure and will also help you act perfectly, when you show any of these: 

1.    Severe Headache - This is one of the most common signs of high blood pressure or hypertension. Many of you may consider headache to be caused due to sleeplessness or stress and ignore hypertension. Do not be among them. If your headache is becoming severe and is slowly getting through your neck or back, consult a doctor immediately.

2.    Dizziness- Another sign of high blood pressure, dizziness is also often confused with a symptom of stress or sleeplessness. If you often feel dizziness or have the signs of vertigo, consult with a doctor at once and get your pressure examined.

3.    Breathlessness- Many of you may get breathlessness as a sign of hypertension. At times, you may experience shortness of breath, even when you are sitting idle without doing any work. If that is the case, monitor your pressure without delay.

4.    Chest Pain- Get alarmed if you experience chest pain and visit the doctor at once. It can be a sign of cardiac arrest or hypertension. Even if gets reduced after a while, do not ignore it as a symptom of acidity. Get an appointment with the doctor without wasting any time.

5.    Fainting- Someone who has neglected his blood pressure levels and have got it very high may even get fainted. If you or anyone close to you experiences such issues, contact a doctor immediately.

BLS class in Memphis can help you understand the techniques by which you can keep blood pressure under control. Also make sure to get your pressure monitored at regular intervals and be careful if it crosses the normal limit of 120/80. Get yourself educated about causes and symptoms of blood pressure so that you can enjoy a healthy life for years.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

BLS Class Memphis- Some Important Information Discussed

The medical reports and statistics published every year clearly indicate that a significant number of people, especially children die in accidental deaths. In most of the cases, it has been found that life of many of the casualties could have been saved if they would have received proper life support immediate after the emergency occurred. If you do not want your near ones to face the same or similar situation in their life, you can get the training a professional training of basic life support from any reputed institute of your area. Once you are certified, you can save a patient suffering from cardiac arrest, trauma and even choking. You can check the following few important information to get some idea on the training module.
  • What is Basic Life Support?
 Basic Life Support, which is commonly referred as BLS is compromised of different cardiopulmonary resuscitation training, rescue breathing and choking relief techniques. Some institutions may also provide basic first aid trainings to the candidates so that they can deal with the situation professionally and act as a savior. Trainers at the BLS class Memphis teach the candidates how to apply the trainings on both adults as well as children. The duration for applying each technique and guidance for the selection of appropriate technique are mentioned in detail so that the candidates do not make any mistake if they ever experience such a difficult situation. Candidates are provided with books and manuals for the course. They are also provided with practical training so that they can take control of the situation when needed. Not just that, every candidate will have to pass the test conducted at the end of their training session, to get themselves certified.

  • Who can get the training?

 This training is not just restricted for the medical professionals. It can also be taken by anyone interested to save the life of an individual during an emergency. Teachers, students of high schools and colleges, retired people, professionals working in any sector or even homemakers can get the training. Medical practitioner interested to work, as EMT specialists also require learning this course. Someone interested to work as a basic life support instructor or first responder also needs to get this training. If you want to get the training, you just need to join a course that is certified by the American Heart Association.

When you are looking for basic life support Memphis classes, you can search the web and get the contact details. Before registering for the course of any of the institutions, you can check out for the details of their training module. It is also recommended to check out for the fees charged by a few different institutions before you make the selection of any course. Also spend a few minutes to know about the reputation of the institution before you register for the training. This will help you get the best return for the money that you spend for the course. Yet, you need to make sure that recertification is done on time.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

ACLS Class Memphis - Online Course Are Useful

Do you want to become a medical practitioner or you want to start as an assistant of a doctor? If you possess such dreams, then you need to note that these days, it is important for you to be equipped with the trainings of Advanced Cardiac Life Support. Not just doctors and assistants but also the paramedics and nurses too have to get such trainings so that they can help a patient during a medical emergency. The number of people dying from cardiac diseases every year is on the rise and these steps have been taken to check the death toll. Taking Advanced Cardiac Life Support training is not a very tough task, as there are several institutes, which are ready to offer this training.

ACLS Online Training

This is one of the best ways to get you trained with this course. Whether you are a student or you are engaged in a job, you can opt for this training module. Online ACLS class Memphis is quite similar to that of the regular classroom model courses. The only difference is, these courses are held across the web, and you can get the training from anywhere you want. Many of you, who are less knowledgeable about the online courses, may hesitate to join these courses initially. However, there is no need to hesitate.

You will get the complete training modules from the institution. They will issue you the textbooks, the guidebook of the American Heart Association or the AHA and the other important elements that you need to complete the course. The only difference is that you will be able to see your instructor online and get the training from him across the web. Thus, you need to focus well so that you can complete the course on time. By opting for the online modules, you will not have to compromise with any of your regular appointments. Just get online, when you are ready to take the course and study. When you are doing ACLS training, you should be very careful about the techniques taught and the medicines name mentioned by the instructor. This will help you complete the course successfully and allow you to treat people in the desired way, when you start your career.

How to find such courses?

Enrolling for ACLS certification Memphis courses online is not very difficult these days. There are several reputed institutes, which offer such trainings. You can pick any of them. Yet, before you enroll, you need to ensure that the course follows the guidelines of the American Heart Association. Remember, until and unless the course is affiliated according to these guidelines, it will not be accepted by any healthcare centers of the country. Thus, the money you have paid for the class will be a sheer wastage. So, make the necessary enquiry. Also compare the fees charged by different institutes and select the one, which is reasonable. When doing the course online, you also need to be careful about clearing your dues, so that you can receive the certificate just after completing the tests successfully.

Monday, 30 June 2014

Basic Life Support Memphis Class Can Make You A Savior

Nowadays, most of the people in the United States have become extremely careful about their health. People are not just going for regular health check up but also they are opting for health insurances so that they can get the best medical facility when needed. Apart from this, many people in the country are now opting for basic life support and cardio pulmonary resuscitation classes so that they can tackle an emergency situation in the best way. If you also want to save someone during an emergency and take control of the situation in the right way, it will be a good choice for you to get this training.

Earlier, people who were working in the healthcare field only used to take these trainings for ensuring their eligibility for the job. They also needed to get the training so that they could provide the best assistance during an emergency. However, nowadays, common people are opting for training on basic life support inMemphis so that one can get the basic medical support immediately after he experiences an emergency situation. If you complete the course successfully, you will be able to learn how to treat someone after accidental injuries, cardiac arrests or any other serious injury. The course combines of different tips and techniques that one needs to master for saving somebody’s life during an emergency.

Depending on your preferences and your ease of access, you can enroll in the courses offered by the healthcare centers or you can opt for courses that are offered by the institutes specifically launched for these types of trainings. If you are not able to manage time for the regular classroom courses, you can opt for the online training models. Nowadays, many institutes in the United States are offering online courses and you can enroll for anyone operating in your area. Though you can enroll for courses offered by the institutes of any other state online but it will be wise for you to seek the training from a center operating in your state. If you have to go for practical trainings or any other formalities, it will be easier for you to visit a center located in your area.

When you are looking for BLS training or CPR training for saving a life during an emergency, it will be wise for you to enquire whether the course follows the guidelines of the American Heart Association or the AHA. If a course does not follow these guidelines, it will not be possible for you to get the best guidance and your entire effort as well as expenses may go in vain.

Enrolling in a BLS class in Memphis is important but getting certified once in your lifetime will not serve the purpose. You need to get your certificate renewed at regular interval of two years or else your card will lose its value and you will have to get the training all over once again. Joining renewal courses will also allow you to brush up your skills and ensure that you can offer the best help when it is actually needed.