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CPR Training: Is it necessary y in High Schools

This is a frequently asked question and the fact that you are on this page, proves it too. Before we get on to answering your query, let us understand what CPR training is all about and why is it important at all.
CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation is the process by which a person may save a cardiac arrest victim. There are so many people across the globe that dies each day due to sudden cardiac arrest. This happens so suddenly that there is very little time before the brain or any other organ gets damaged or may even cause death. The various CPR techniques are very crucial during this short period of time. It helps the patient to buy enough time to get to medical aid. In fact, this process can at times even save a person’s life.
CPR uses techniques involving chest compression and rescue breathing methods. CPR class Memphis provides all these information and makes one prepared to deal with any such victim and help him or her in their time of crisis.
CPR Training

Heart attack or cardiac arrest is the most common cause of death in adults in America. In fact, over three hundred thousand people die each year due to cardiac ailments, and most of them due to sudden cardiac arrest. At the time when a patient experiences a heart attack, the electrical rhythm of the heart gets disturbed and needs to be corrected. This is generally done by a machine called a defibrillator. Now, it is not always possible to find a defibrillator handy. Cardiac arrest may occur anywhere and at anytime of the day. So, if a person who is near the victim can administer CPR, it gives the victim enough time to reach a place where he can get the defibrillator and start his or her treatment.

CPR class Memphis trains the students the need and importance of administering CPR and also the various techniques that they can use to save a victim’s life. Administering CPR as soon as the victim gets the attack helps to avoid brain or organ damage, because with this technique blood is continually pumped through the heart, which reaches perfectly to all the body parts.

Now to answering the most common question – Is CPR training necessary in high school?

As we understand by the above discourse, CPR itself is very essential to all humans who may at some point in life be faced with cardiac arrest.

Knowing or learning CPR technique will help a person to take care of such victims either at home, workplace or even on the go. Cardiac arrests come on suddenly and can occur to anyone. So, if you are prepared and trained, you know exactly what to do to help a victim when you come across one.
Being a student of high school, you are big enough to understand the pains of a distressed person. Being trained in CPR class Memphis, you will be able to help relieve the pains and even bring new life to a person.
States like Washington have already made it mandatory for all high school students to receive CPR training. It is only when you are trained and certified that you will know the correct procedure to rescue a person suffering from sudden cardiac arrest.

Children as young as 9 years can be trained and become proficient to administer CPR. These are very simple techniques and can be easily given by any high school student.

A high school student, just like any other person, may be faced with a cardiac arrest victim. It could be a bystander, a fellow student or a relative at home. Whoever it is, if the student is trained and knows the different processes of chest compression, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and the other CPR techniques, he or she will be able to attend the victim instantly. CPR class Memphis teaches all these techniques to high school students also. These trainings are given in minute details with hands-on practice on mannequins, which make the students more efficient to administer perfect CPR to a victim and save the lives of many.

With the growing number of cardiac arrest cases, it should be made mandatory everywhere for all high school students to attend CPR class Memphis. When youngsters are trained at this level, they understand the importance of CPR and how it can come to the rescue of a victim. They can also learn and utilize the various techniques in helping a victim and getting him or her back to life.

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