Thursday, 29 May 2014

Top 5 Leading Causes of Death in the United States

United States is one of the most important countries of the world in terms of financial strength, educational know-how as well as military power. The country, which has made immense development in the last few decades and has also helped many other developing nations to come forward, has been trying hard to reduce the mortality rate. When it comes to the death rate of this country, one might consider suicidal death or assaults to be a major factor. However, the statistics received after conducting surveys by different organizations clearly indicate that health issues are among the major causes of death in the United States.

A survey conducted by a reputed organization in the United States has offered certain data, which might help your understanding of how health issues are affecting the lives of citizens here.
As per the sources, 597, 689 people have died from cardiac diseases, while 574, 743 have died from cancer and 138, 000 have succumbed to death for different chronic lower respiratory troubles. 129, 476 people have died due to stroke while accidental injuries have taken the life of 120, 859 people. Alzheimer’s disease is the cause of death among 83, 494 people and the killer disease diabetes, which has been increasing sharply in the recent years have claimed the lives of 69, 071 people. 50, 476 people have died due to nephrosis, nephritic syndrome and nephritis. Pneumonia and influenza, which have remained a common cause of death, have taken the lives of 50, 097 people while suicidal death accounts to 38, 364. 

The figures mentioned above are quite shocking and clearly indicates that it is the negligence of people toward their health issues that is claiming their lives untimely. The top five leading causes of death have been discussed below to help you understand the current situation of people in the country: 

Cardiac diseases - This has already been listed among the leading causes of death in the United States and most of the people succumb to death due to congestive heart failure. Organized by American Heart Association (AHA), CPR certification in Memphis has taken a leading role in saving lives of the people suffering from cardiac arrest. Though age is one of the major factors of this type of heart disease; diabetes, smoking and increased blood sugar level has become significant factors too. Huge amount of sodium intake is also to be taken into account.

Cancer - Though medicines for the treatment of different types of cancers have been discovered by the medical scientists, it still accounts to be among the major causes of death in the United States. Changes in lifestyle, dietary changes, smoking as well as excess tanning are some of the causes of cancer.

Chronic Lower Respiratory Troubles- Respiratory problems have remained among the major causes of death here. Asthma, which is listed among these types of problems, is often caused due to pollution. Yet, it can be a genetic problem in many people too. Emphysema, bronchitis and asthma can also be caused due to inhaling irritants or cigarette smoking.

Stroke - Caused due to several factors can be a killer. However, medical students or healthcare professionals with BLS certification in Memphis can help in saving the life even after a stroke attack.

Accidental Injuries- Unintentional injuries due to accident have claimed the lives of many people on the streets. Many people have died even before they received medical aid. To deal with such situation, understanding and use of CPR training can be helpful.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Learning Basic Life Support And CPR Is Important For Every Parent

Education system has improvised significantly in the recent days. With the increasing competition, children have to work harder for starting a successful career in any field. That is the reason why parents are always focused on providing them the best education. However, providing the best education should not only be restricted to studies. If you want your child to educate in the right way, send him to institutions, which offer equal importance to sports as well as curricular activities. For the best result, you are also recommended to find a school, which has educators trained with CPR course. Learning CPR is equally important for parents at home, so that you can deal with a mishap or an accident and save the life of your child.

How to Get CPR Training?

Though CPR learning has not been made compulsory for every parent, it is always an advantage to keep yourself updated with the tactics of tackling a problem at home. It is not very difficult to get CPR certification in Memphis, TN, as different hospitals here offer classes for CPR training according to the guidelines of AHA. Apart from the hospitals, there are many institutions, which provide CPR, BLS, ACLS and even PALS training to people. Nowadays, you can even find online classes for such programs. You can select any of them and get yourself equipped with the basic steps that you need to follow, if there is any emergency with your child at home. Also remember, CPR guidelines change from time to time. Therefore, when you are enrolling yourself for a course, always try to get the latest programs.

When to Do CPR?

One of the major reasons for learning CPR techniques from professionals is to assess the need of CPR for practical use. Many people know the basics of CPR and can help in saving the life of a child but they might not know the right time when CPR should be given. Delaying the time for providing CPR can be fatal for the patient is true. However, providing CPR when it is not required can be equally harmful for anyone, especially for a child. When a child has no pulse and has stopped breathing, instead of providing CPR, call him or shake him, to wake him up. In case of infant, you should take special care while shaking him. Also give a call to emergency so that you can reach the hospital at the soonest. Even if you know the use of cardiac defibrillator, that is Automatic External Defibrillator, you should give a call to emergency number for better aid.

Avoid CPR Errors

It has been found that many people with complete CPR training makes mistake while applying it on others. Do not give too many breaths when you are performing CPR and make sure to press the chest appropriately so that blood pumps out properly and is circulated to the vital areas of your body.  Be extra cautious, when you are applying CPR or basic life support to a child and get yourself trained through training classes on basic life support in Memphis.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Some Jobs That Require CPR Training at a Glance

The knowledge of providing first-aid to someone during an emergency is always helpful. Yet, there are some situations, in which people cannot just rely on the basic first-aid tips. To save someone’s life, the knowledge of CPR and basic life support becomes important. That is the reason, many people are now registering themselves for these types of courses. CPR certification has now become mandatory for different jobs in Memphis. If you want to start your career, you can take a glance at the jobs for which CPR certification has become a must now.

CPR Training for Healthcare Provider Including Doctor

If you have the ambition to become a doctor, then completing a CPR certification Memphis course is extremely important for you. Irrespective of your area of specialization, you need to have an understanding of CPR so that you can easily respond to an emergency. Nurses also need to have proper CPR training so that they can give proper aid to the patient till a doctor arrives for his treatment. If a nurse has CPR and BLS certification, she can give the basic life support therapies, even if there is no doctor present. Anyone working in the emergency department of a hospital needs to have completed CPR training to serve patients in the best way.

CPR Training for Lifeguard on the coastal duties

Even if you are not a doctor or someone working in the healthcare industry, you need to have CPR certification if you are working as a lifeguard in the coastal areas. Rescuing someone from drowning is not all. A person might faint or get collapsed after sinking and when after getting rescued may need CPR. Therefore, if you are looking for a job near seas or pools, you need to know CPR. Someone interested to work in ships also need to have CPR training along with other water safety training.

CPR Training for Coach at School

If you are good in sports and have the desire to become a successful coach of a school or of a club, you need to have CPR and BLS certification. Basic Life Support Memphis programs are designed in such a way that you can easily attend those and complete those successfully. Once you get certified, you can join the job as a coach. Learning CPR and BLS is important for coaches as they might have to face emergency situation on the field.

CPR Training for Fireman

People many times get trapped in fire and often it has been found that they get fainted in excess smoke or sometimes even in fear. If you are someone who wants to pursue the job of a fireman, it is important for you to know CPR steps properly so that you can save the life of anyone collapsing in a fire related accident.

There are many institutions, which now offer CPR training according to the guidelines of American Heart Association (AHA). You can join any of them and get yourself equipped. You can also avail the classes online, if you cannot join the regular courses. Just make sure that you join a reputed institution for CPR training.

Friday, 2 May 2014

CPR Class in Memphis Can Help You Save Many Lives

An emergency can come at any time. The surveys and studies conducted by the American Heart Association and several other organizations clearly indicate that a large number of people are now dying for cardiac arrest. Surveys have proven the fact that this medical emergency is not just experienced by the elderly people or by the ones, who are suffering from the problems of obesity. It can happen to anyone at any point of time. Even college students have experienced this problem. In many cases, it has been found that many people could not even reach the hospital and lost their lives on the way after they got a cardiac arrest. To help fight the situation, the American Heart Association has now designed CPR classes for every common man. By getting enrolled to these classes, it will be possible for you to help any individual during an emergency.
Almost every city of the United States now has their own CPR classes to guide people to deal the emergency situation and help in saving a life. Nowadays, a large number of people in Memphis are registering themselves for CPR training classes to provide the basic first aid to anyone suffering from cardiac arrest. If you are someone, who does not have CPR training and want to get yourself educated with this, you can check out for an appropriate CPR class in Memphis. There are many institutions, which offer these types of trainings at a very nominal fees and enrolling yourself to any such institution can be of great help. 

If you are a busy professional and do not have the time to join a school to get the necessary CPR training, you can opt for the online courses. Many organizations are now providing online training courses for helping people get the required knowledge of CPR. As it is not possible to provide the entire training online, many institutions have instructors, who will come to your place for providing the training. You can easily contact them and get yourself trained like a professional. One thing that is to be noted in this context is that the training required for medical schools is not the same that is required for any common man. Therefore, you should at first ensure, what kind of training you are fit into. 

When you are joining a course to provide basic life support in Memphis, it is important for you to know the duration of the course. The duration of the courses varies depending on the time of enrollment as well as the duration of the class. Therefore, you should check out for everything before starting the class. Also remember that you need to have the manual of the American Heart Association and go through it intricately. This will allow you educate yourself in the right way. Make sure to check out for the authenticity of the school you have selected and the types of courses they offer. Though the fees for these types of courses are not exorbitant, it is always recommended to know about the fee structure before enrolling.