Thursday, 24 July 2014

5 Signs of High Blood Pressure

The United States of America has made some remarkable progress in the healthcare field in the recent days. Yet, it is still trying hard to reduce the number of deaths caused due to cardiac arrest. Stroke, chest pain, cardiac arrest are some common problems experienced by people, irrespective of their physical built or their social and financial status. Reports indicate that high blood pressure, which in medical terminology is referred as hypertension is a major cause of cardiac problems of people in the United States. The figures and statistics indicate that approximately seventy-two million people have hypertension related problems in the country. Something that is even more alarming is that most of the people are unaware of the condition and consults doctor at a very critical stage.

It is true that at times, it is very difficult for someone to understand the signs of hypertension. However, if you are a little careful and observe the following symptoms, you will surely be able to understand the signs of high blood pressure. To protect yourself and your near ones, you can join any basiclife support Memphis course. The instructors here will keep you updated with the five signs of high blood pressure and will also help you act perfectly, when you show any of these: 

1.    Severe Headache - This is one of the most common signs of high blood pressure or hypertension. Many of you may consider headache to be caused due to sleeplessness or stress and ignore hypertension. Do not be among them. If your headache is becoming severe and is slowly getting through your neck or back, consult a doctor immediately.

2.    Dizziness- Another sign of high blood pressure, dizziness is also often confused with a symptom of stress or sleeplessness. If you often feel dizziness or have the signs of vertigo, consult with a doctor at once and get your pressure examined.

3.    Breathlessness- Many of you may get breathlessness as a sign of hypertension. At times, you may experience shortness of breath, even when you are sitting idle without doing any work. If that is the case, monitor your pressure without delay.

4.    Chest Pain- Get alarmed if you experience chest pain and visit the doctor at once. It can be a sign of cardiac arrest or hypertension. Even if gets reduced after a while, do not ignore it as a symptom of acidity. Get an appointment with the doctor without wasting any time.

5.    Fainting- Someone who has neglected his blood pressure levels and have got it very high may even get fainted. If you or anyone close to you experiences such issues, contact a doctor immediately.

BLS class in Memphis can help you understand the techniques by which you can keep blood pressure under control. Also make sure to get your pressure monitored at regular intervals and be careful if it crosses the normal limit of 120/80. Get yourself educated about causes and symptoms of blood pressure so that you can enjoy a healthy life for years.

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