Tuesday, 29 July 2014

CPR Safety: The 3 Best Barrier Devices

  • pocket masks
  • key chain masks
  • bag valve mask

Nowadays, more and more people are getting interested for CPR courses and BLS courses, so that they can help their near ones at the time of emergency. Earlier only the professionals associated with the healthcare field used to take these trainings. However, nowadays, nonprofessionals, including homemakers and even students are opting for these courses. If you are also interested to get the training, you are always recommended to know about the kits that are used for applying the training. Though different kits are used for this type of works, masks are very important. Generally, there are three barrier devices for this work, viz. pocket mask, key chain mask and bag valve mask.

  • Pocket Mask- Also known as pocket facemask as well as CPR mask, this device is a popular choice of the professionals while delivering rescue breathe to someone, who has experienced cardiac arrest. These can also be used by the non-professionals too for the same job. Yet, they will have to understand the operations as well as the usage of the mask properly. As the name indicates, this mask can be easily carried in the pocket and can be used at any time needed. Though the mask is easy to use, it cannot be operated without a trained rescuer. So, it is always recommended to get CPR certification Memphis before trying to use the device.

  • Keychain Mask- Another device that is gaining popularity in the recent days is the keychain mask. This device is also used by the trained individuals and can be easily carried to different places for its small size. The device generally comes with a pouch, which hooks from the ears of the caregiver while providing the rescue breathe to any patient. Owing to the increasing popularity of these masks, one can now easily find these on different stores.

  • Bag Valve Mask- Also known as BVM, and sometimes Ambu bag or self-inflated bag is an easy to use hand-held device that is applied to provide positive pressure ventilation to patients, who have experienced breathing problems all of a sudden. This bag is equally effective for people, who have completely stopped breathing or is experiencing severe difficulty. This device is used in the hospitals or health care centers as well as outside the hospital by trained people. Though the methods of operation are described on the package, it is better to get complete training of CPR or BLS before you use the device.

There are several reputed institutes, which offer BLS certification Memphis. You can join any of these institutions to get the complete training related to the strategies or devices that are used for saving someone’s life during a critical emergency situation. CPR courses only guides about the techniques or devices used for offering life support during an emergency. It does not provide information of any medicines used for the work. Therefore, anyone can enroll for the course at ease. Yet, before enrolling for the course, make sure to check whether the institute selected by you is accredited by AHA. 

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