Thursday, 27 November 2014

How Can You Help People Survive from Sudden Cardiac Arrest?

Your loved one has suddenly fallen victim of cardiac arrest in front of you. In such a shocking situation, it is natural that you are puzzled and your thought is frozen. Within a few minutes when you come to your senses, you rush to the telephone and dial 911 to call for emergency medical service at your home. You also call a doctor in your locality if phone number is available. Now after 20-30 minutes when any of the medical help arrives, it cannot be assured that your loved one is still alive! This may be true because if his or her heart fails and is not breathing then the brain cells will not get oxygen and no blood circulation will reach there. As a result, brain damage will start within 4-5 minutes of the pause in natural breathing.

Things could be totally different if you had the knowledge and practical skills of performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation. You could have started CPR method within a minute or two after you call at the emergency number. By doing several chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth air passing to the person, the chance of survival gets increased. But this process must be continued till any further advanced medical assistance can be started. If you have any automatic electronic defibrillator (AED) device at your place then you may also use it if you feel it necessary.

American Heart Association (AHA) has declared that heart diseases are the most aggressive and silent killer of most of the Americans. While the body is trying to spread awareness among people to lead a healthy life, it has also empowered many institutions all over the country to train people in CPR uses. Use of this first aid technique will ensure safety of people at home and public places as well. The motto of AHA is to train at least one person in a family so that families are safe from heart ailments at home.

Now it is your turn to educate yourself about several first aid techniques to help your loved ones in danger. Once you learn, you must share your experience with others so that more people can learn the techniques of performing life saving activities as and when required. Those who are professionals can increase their employee value by pursuing CPR classes. People in Memphis can get certification from AHA authorized CPR training institutes. CPR classes here are conducted in a cozy atmosphere by well experienced doctors in a very friendly manner. They will answer to all of your questions regarding providing first aid to people from sudden cardiac arrest, respiration trouble, and choking that might stop the natural breathing process. The sole purpose of applying CPR work to the patient is to press the lungs in such a manner that oxygen and blood get supplied to brain cells which otherwise can start getting damaged within 4-5 minutes if untreated. You have to continue performing CPR process till any advanced life saving support reaches the spot and start treatment. Spreading the awareness and increasing more number of CPR known people is the best possible and simplest way of living and letting other live together with safety and care.

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