Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Do Not Ignore the Importance of Child CPR

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation has become quite a popular term in the recent days. There are multiple training centers, which offer CPR courses and basic life support courses to people, who want to safeguard the life of others at the time of an emergency. If you are also careful about the well-being of your near ones, it is important for you to get their health checkups done regularly. However, that is not all. To ensure that they remain protected at all times, you need to get yourself equipped with the basic life saving techniques. When it comes to different life saving techniques, one cannot just ignore the importance of cardiopulmonary resuscitation course. Whether you have a baby or an adult to take care at home, learning the steps of CPR can be of great help.
  • Who Needs CPR?
Many people consider that CPR techniques are needed only for treating adults or elderly people during an emergency situation. Well, that is not completely right. Though these techniques are required for the aid of adults, in many cases, infants and children also require these techniques to be applied. You may not know that delay in applying the life saving techniques in infants can claim their life as well.
  • Why Infants And Children Need CPR?
Well, cardiac problems or stroke seldom affects children. Yet, there are other conditions that affect the children and one of the most common causes is choking. Many children get choked accidentally by swallowing different objects while playing on their own or even while roaming in the house. Therefore, if you do not know CPR, it will not be possible for you to relieve the child from the condition and it can become life threatening for the child. Children also can experience respiratory troubles and CPR techniques can come really handy at these times. Accidental drowning is also a case when these techniques can help in saving the life of a child till any better aid is available.

It is not just important for the parents and grandparents to learn CPR. Nannies or babysitters whom you appoint should also have the knowledge of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Anyone, who stays with the baby and take care of the infant should be CPR certified and many nanny services have made it mandatory for the nannies to get the certification.
  • How to learn CPR for child?
Learning cardiopulmonary resuscitation for children or infants is not at all a tough job these days, as there are several training centers in Memphis that offer these types of course. Any CPR training class that offer adults CPR training has child CPR course too. Both the courses are almost similar, the only differences lie in the circumstances under which children may require CPR. When you get the course, make sure to check that it follows the guidelines of the American Heart Association or else it will not be treated as valid in the United States. Also make sure to renew the certificate on time to keep yourself updated with the latest techniques.

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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Learn CPR before You Marry

Every marriage needs many preparations and some works must be completed before you decide for marriage. Certain decisions make our life smooth. It is also known that timely decisions can bring happiness as well as drive away many worries. Smart people are those who can take right decisions in right way at the right time.

It is said that marriages are made in heaven. Let it happen there. But when we feel that marriages are merely mundane and involve many responsibilities, knowing many safety issues can make a marriage happy and secure. It may sound odd but experienced married couples will strongly agree how important it is to learn some health management and first aid skills.

What will happen if your newly married wife suffers from respiratory troubles, constant hiccups, or face choking events? It may also happen that a newly married lady finds her mate in a honeymoon night facing serious breathing trouble or any other emergency. Leave aside knowledge and skills of different first aid techniques; any health emergency situation can make either of the couple feel blank in mind. Getting mental preparation to successfully and bravely face any odd situations in life is what people need to overcome many challenges.

In US, it has been found that cardiac ailments have become alarming as the biggest cause of death in recent years. According to American Heart Institute (AHA), among 359,400 cases of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in the country in 2013, only 40.1% victims received cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Out of them, only 9.5% people survived. In the same year, number of in-hospital cardiac arrest incidences was 209,000. Survival rate in these cases was 23.9% for adults and 40.2% for children.    

Won’t you now take steps to learn CPR techniques at least after you decide your bachelor party? In Memphis, there are plenty of party halls as well as training centers offering cardiac and other first aid certification programs. So, gather in groups to spread awareness about heart health and maintain healthy ways of living. Neither you nor your wife will follow sedentary lifestyle. You must also go for low fat food while avoiding fast food and junk food items.  Partying is a part of life but consuming too much of alcohol and smoking with no control can only make you fall sick anytime anywhere. While pollution and obesity have caused human life face many diseases for the last two decades, monitoring health of each other is essential in a marriage for the sake of a happy and healthy family. 

Your knowledge on CPR will make your partner feel safe and secure in terms of health and wellness. As there are many first aid training institutes in Memphis, you may be confused to choose the best one. In case you are interested, you can go for any AHA authorized training center based on the training time, module available, and course duration that suit your weekly schedule. The classroom sessions are open, relaxing and worth learning in the context of both theoretical and practical techniques of helping people in emergency situations. 

Still thinking? Marriage is not only all about love and dreams, it is also helping each other a better and worthier life than ever. Learning critical first aid techniques will empower you to bring smile and a sense of relief on your partners face.