Thursday, 29 June 2017

Facts About First Aid Courses In Memphis And All Over

For certain professionals such as people working in daycare facilities, in schools, in restaurants and airlines, fire fighters, sports coaches, gym instructors, parents and of course the medical professionals should definitely undergo first aid training for being well-prepared in order to face any airway or cardiac emergency involving someone else effectively. The most important of all the first aid training programs is a CPR program. CPR is the acronym for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation which comprises of a series of chest compressions and rescue breathings. The procedures were mainly devised by the renowned American Heart Association in order for everyone to help out and revive a cardiac arrest victim which can be anyone from a stranger to your loved ones. For a good amount of training in the resuscitation procedures it is important that you choose a certified training center where you can receive training in the hands of expert instructors. If you are a resident of the Memphis region then sign up for a CPR program at the AHA accredited CPR Memphis.

If you are a healthcare professional you can sign up for any one of the Basic Life Support Memphis certification, Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification or the PALS certification programs. The general public can go for any one of the HeartSaver CPR and the HeartSaver First Aid courses. At the end of a particular training program expect to be awarded with an AHA certification which can prove to be highly beneficial for you. Important facts about First Aid training programs are:

      For any first aid training program that you may choose, see to it that CPR is one of the topics in the program. Proper application of the Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation techniques can revive a cardiac arrest or heart attack victim by enabling proper circulation of oxygenated blood in the victim's body. Apart from CPR the other things that would be taught to you in a first aid program are treating conditions like shock, poisoning, wounds, etc.

      You can go for either a classroom training program or an online course. But see to it that the courses are conducted by renowned organizations. American Heart Association conducts such online programs where at the end of a course you would be eligible for a certification provided you pass out a skills test and a written exam. You would have to appear for a skills test in any of the AHA accredited CPR training sites because no resuscitation program is complete without a skills test.

         Make sure to go for timely renewal classes for extending the validity of your CPR provider cards because the certifications provided by the American Heart Association are only valid for 2 years.

          A first aid training program would enable you in treating if not fully but at least stabilizing the condition of a victim until the arrival of emergency medical services.

So make yourself well-equipped in the indispensable life-saving procedures and other first aid techniques and contribute towards people's safety around you. For more related information feel free to call us on 901-438-4200

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