Monday, 12 August 2013

First Aid CPR Class Memphis, 901 438 4200: What do they teach?

A combination of First aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) along with automated external defibrillator (AED) training is what comprises of First Aid CPR Class Memphis, 901-438-4200. It is for healthcare professionals as well as emergency technicians, firefighters, trainers, school employees, workers or employers and even the general public. Everyone is encouraged to train in First aid as it is very essential in every phase of life.

With CPR Certification Class Memphis, you will be well equipped to handle any kind of emergency situation. It could be at your workplace or even at your own home. You can help an ailing person – that could be your employee, your relative or even a stranger on the road. If you are trained and certified, you can come to the aid of anyone in need. Your training will be such a blessing for a suffering person.

First Aid CPR Class Memphis teaches the various techniques to handle emergencies before medical help can arrive. It is very useful for outdoor enthusiasts or even for those who work in remote areas where medical facility is not readily available.

The course teaches the following:

  •          Injuries: The various types of injuries and how to identify it.
  •          Burns: The necessary steps to be taken to take care immediately after burns and later.
  •          Fractures: Splinting and stabilizing methods so that it is not injured further.
  •          Wound care: Including methods to stop bleeding.
  •          Stabilizing: How to stabilize patients with particular injuries, like head trauma or spinal injury.
  •         Temperature fluctuations: The ways to handle hot and cold emergencies, hypothermia (when the body becomes very cold maybe after water accident) and also exposure to elements.
  •       Breathing problems: How to take care of patients who find it difficult to breath, particularly at high altitudes.

Once you are trained in First Aid CPR Class Memphis, you can help any patient or accident victim that you may come across.

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