Thursday, 6 April 2017

Advanced Cardiac Life Support Courses For Healthcare Professionals

It is always expected of a healthcare professional starting from doctors, paramedics to nurses, surgeons to be skilled in most life-saving procedures. That is why healthcare providers make sure to train in each and every life-saving technique to be able to deal with all kinds of emergencies successfully. Cardiac arrest death cases are on an all-time high which makes it important for every healthcare provider to be well-trained in the indispensable cardiopulmonary resuscitation procedures, proper administration of which can save the life of a cardiac arrest struck victim. Most medical professionals are aware about it which has also led to the popularity of these classes among them. There are mainly three types of CPR courses: the Basic Life Support course, the Advanced Cardiac Life Support course and the Pediatric Advanced Life Support course. Each course is different from one another so you should definitely go through the course details and then should enroll for a course. If you are a first-timer that you are thinking about learning the procedures then you should go for the BLS course. Being a healthcare provider if you are already BLS certified then you should go for Advanced Cardiac Life Support course. Make sure your training center is AHA certified. If you are in Memphis then you can enroll for a course at the AHA accredited CPR Memphis where after the completion of a course you would receive an AHA certification. Today our discussion will specifically revolve around the Advanced Cardiac Life Support courses.

The ACLS Course- In the ACLS course the advanced cardiac life support CPR techniques would be taught to you. Certain skills which you will get to acquire includes management of airways in victims, interpreting the ECG'S, initiation of IV'S and emergency pharmacology. The ACLS course includes both theoretical and practical training and that also you will receive in the hands of AHA certified instructors. At CPR Memphis at the end of an ACLS course you would get the chance of participating in a Megacode which would replicate actual scenarios for you to make use of the AHA ACLS algorithms. The participation in the Megacodes will enable you in grasping the procedures more accurately which will make you capable of performing the procedures correctly to a victim in real-life scenarios. The ACLS classes takes approximately around 6 hours for completion. At the end of the course you would receive an AHA ACLS certification Memphis on the same day as the class.

The ACLS Re-certification Course- You need to keep in mind one thing that the AHA card which you would receive at the end of the ACLS course would be having a validity for 2 years. For retaining the validity of your card you need to make sure to go for the card renewal classes as the time of expiry will draw closer. The re-certification course would also be conducted by the AHA certified professional CPR instructors and you would again receive the card on the same day as the class. You would also get a reminder from our end as the time of expiry of your card would come close. The ACLS re-certification course fee is 199$ and you can add BLS renew just by paying a meagre 39$ extra which means that you would be able renew both your cards on the same day.

So enroll for a course now at CPR Memphis. You can either register online or can call us on 901-438-4200 for registration. 

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